Hong Kong Living is passionate about getting media to its target readers.

Our success is built on the realisation that we must put the magazine on the coffee table of every reader. This way we achieve maximum value per advertisement for our customers.

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  • All our magazines are free
  • We have unparalleled access to the luxury properties and apartments
  • We mail magazines free to subscribers who live in homes worth more than $20 million
  • We work closely with leading management companies to distribute in extreme high net worth apartments
  • We have a permanent staff constantly improving relationships
  • We distribute only in qualified venues used by our target audiences
  • We work harder than anyone else to build relationships with the managers of Hong Kong’s luxury apartments

If you would like us to deliver Southside Magazine, Sai Kung & Clearwater Magazine, Expat Parent or Mid-levels to your business or residential complex, please call 2776 2773 or email distribution@hongkongliving.com for more information.