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Our business is to grow your business. If you would like to connect with Hong Kong’s high value residents drop us a line.

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Our Magazine readers are extreme high net worth families and Hong Kong’s richest family demographic. They lead busy, fast-paced lives and trust our magazines to make spending decisions.

About Us

Our core business is publishing Southside Magazine, Expat Parent Magazine, Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine and Mid-levels Magazine. These four monthly magazines (created by veteran journalists and home delivered by ninjas), are among the most trusted and loved in Hong Kong. Our mantra is “local content, international quality“. Our business is built on providing residents with local information they know will be useful and trustworthy.

Our Advertising Solutions

We provide highly targeted distribution to our audience through both print advertising and digital advertising solutions. We distribute printed copies of our magazines to residences, international schools, kindergartens, pre-schools, country clubs, golf clubs and yacht clubs. We also provide digital advertising solutions through weekly email newsletters, website advertising, online classifieds and our magazines are also available to view online.


Williams & Brown received some very positive feedback from the ad placed in the Marketplace section of Southside Magazine, both in terms of brand recognition and sales enquiries. It was the first time Williams & Brown had placed an ad and the media department made it very easy to understand what we had to do. We would certainly consider advertising with Southside Magazine again.

Sarah Williams

Owner/Founder Williams & Brown
I’m a big fan of your magazines. Clients often bring me Southside Magazines for a read as they are always stumbling across interesting articles

Ed Haynes

Coastal Fitness